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About Ward Design

Ward Design, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Tony E. Ward, a registered Architect, and H. Allen Smith, a licensed Interior Designer, and is located in Charlotte North Carolina. Ward Design offers a complete range of Architectural and Interior Design services in both the residential and commercial industries.


Tony E. Ward is a graduate of North Carolina State University, with a Bachelor of Architecture, and has practiced with some of the most celebrated firms across North Carolina, and New York City. With his extensive background, he has designed a multitude of high-end installations across the United States, and Europe. As the prinicpal architect of Ward design, Mr. Ward continuously sets the bar for others to follow with clients from across the Carolinas, New York City, and Boston.


H. Allen Smith, is a gradute of East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and Florida State University, with a Masters of Library Science. As part of Ward Design, he has designed, and been a consultant on, hundreds of projects both residential and commercial. These projects include but are not limited too, numerous libraries, government facilities, corporate office spaces, private residences, and commercial spaces. 

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